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Kitten non-slip silicone tableware set to BLW - with baby bib, plate, cutlery and cup / Beige

Kitten non-slip silicone tableware set to BLW - with baby bib, plate, cutlery and cup / Beige

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5-piece premium silicone baby food set with fun kitten pattern.

Are you looking for baby food sets? Something practical, not too expensive, but free from all the plastics and toxins that can pass into your baby's food? On top of that, is it important that it's practical and easy to clean?

Our premium silicone baby utensils can help you in the kitchen during the feeding or "fussy period". Tablewares with cute shapes can be used to playfully serve foods that children may not like, motivating them to keep an open mind. Our fun, non-slip tableware is designed to help children with eating difficulties enjoy less popular foods.

The set includes:
- plate with non-slip suction cup
- soft silicone spoon
- soft silicone fork
- baby non-drip drinking cup with soft silicone straw
- easy adjustable comfortable front pocket

Recommended age: from 6 months
Material: BPA-free food grade silicone

- Easy and stain-free cleaning. Silicone baby dishes are dishwasher safe.
- Perfect non-slip grip. Less messy meals.
- It can also be placed in the fridge and microwave. The plate, drinking glass and silicone spoon can be used in both the fridge and microwave.
- It does not heat up. Silicone has excellent thermal insulation properties.
- Very strong and durable. The silicone does not crack, break or tear. It can even function as a multi-generational piece.
- Very useful during the baby's feeding process. Food sets with fun shapes are designed to help parents during the difficult period of introducing solid foods into the baby's diet. Less favoured foods are more likely to end up in the baby's tummy instead of on the floor.
- Make mealtimes fun by using plates that your child will love. Make sure your child can develop good eating habits by offering healthy foods on fun and special plates. Choose from a range of fun shapes and designs that are guaranteed to capture your child's attention.
- Fun shapes that will delight parents and baby alike. Our baby cutlery comes in a variety of fun and interesting patterns and colours. You're sure to find your favourite.
- The perfect gift for the children of your loved ones. A useful, fun and original gift for all children.
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