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Training cutlery set for babies - 4 colours

Training cutlery set for babies - 4 colours

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A set of training cutlery for babies in the early stages of feeding. Recommended for babies 6-12 months. Non-clogging design, easy grip handle.

Recommended age: from 6 months
Size: 8cm
Material: food grade silicone

- Great for developing dexterity and coordination. The fork and spoon are great for babies starting to feed.
- Special handle for small hands. Both fork and spoon have rounded handles that are easy to grip. Excellent for babies' small hands.
- Safe anti-fistball design. Cutlery has a barrier rim to prevent baby from pushing the cutlery too far.
- No accidental pricking. Both the fork and spoon are soft textured and blunt to prevent injuries.
- Easy to wash and stain resistant. You can wash your cutlery by hand or put it in the dishwasher.
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