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My first cutlery set

My first cutlery set

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Baby's first cutlery! The BPA-free Silicone Baby Spoon makes feeding time safe and smooth for both pureed and BLW babies.

The design of the first spoons is specifically designed for babies who are using cutlery for the first time and are just discovering the world of purees and chunky foods. The spoon has a 100% baby-friendly design. The BPA-free silicone won't leak any toxins into baby's food, and the rounded head and handle won't hurt baby's mouth if they chew on the spoon.

As babies' wrists do not rotate until they are 2 years old, the use of a prepuce is highly recommended. The spoon is made of flexible silicone material with a soft handle and a non-slip surface. This allows the baby to grip the spoon with a simple grasping motion and independently take as much food as he or she wants. The spoon's ribbed design keeps the ideal amount of puree on the spoon so your child can practice eating safely.

Using the first spoons prevents giving too much food at feeding time and reduces the risk of half-eating.

Material: food grade silicone
Size: 10,5cm x 2,5cm
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